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Stylish Designer T-Shirts and Funny Clothing Online Shop. Streetwear, Skatewear with hillarious stop motion, pixilation videos, paranoiaparadise made in Berlin, Germany
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paranoiaparadise sells great Stylish Designer T-Shirts Clothing Tshirts in Berlin paranoia paradise

paranoia paradise is the first online-store that offers Designer T-Shirts, TShirts and Tees, Wet T-Shirts Contest and stylish skatewear and surfwear. All cool Tees are presented with outrageous stop motion pixilation films. This is totally new and cool stuff that you won't find anywhere else.

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With this blog we will write once in a while what we are up to at paranoiaparadise.

1rst december 2008:
got some great designer agency working on the final design for our new stylish Designer T-Shirt. Hope the shop will open before 2009. I might write it more like this : I HOPE HOPE.
2nd september 2008:
What no stylish T-Shirts yet? Yeah it takes ages to finally create one - the film is ready and we are about to produce a new one this year - well hopefully... Its gonna be a film about bad guys love. We are pretty excited about the project. But wait - we should first publish our latest film... Well gotta see. We got so many newsletter requests we really should start with our great concept - man its 2 years now and no other shop in this great world copied our concept - strange...
1rst may 2008:
girlboarding Designer T-Shirt & Clothings
So what is going on with our project? Well in fact the newest video is finished - it will be about skateboarding or better about "girlboarding (girl boarding)" ?!

I guess we are a bit lazy these days though...

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Arkad Mandrisch skating Jolanda Roskosch

25th september 2007:
Police with stylish Clothings
This is Konrad, one of our team members, who films during a german demonstration, riscing his life. We might need this footage for a nice violation t-shirt one day;-)
So what about the stylish T-Shirts? Even though we are behind our schedule, we will probably go online with the T-Shirt-Shop in a couple of weeks. The problem we have now is, that we filmed our first two films with a P2 of Panasonic. The P2 does not record on tape, but directly to flash disc in *.mxf format. This format can't be read natively by Adobe Premiere, the application we use to post produce the films... Adobe just announced on 7th of september 2007, that they will support .mxf in a few weeks. So we will just wait for their update until the finish of our films. In the meantime we will go online with the shop with 2 t-shirts that we developed in the past weeks.
photo we took during work...

3rd september 2007:
Dell sucks. I ordered a Computer on august 8th. Scheduled delivery date was august 20th. So far so good, but on august 19th they sent me an email, that my computer can't be delivered and therefore that the order was cancelled. Great no? What a f** place of loosers - Dell sucks so bad. Well I could arrange a new delivery date, which is now on september 20th. Since we arranged a reduction of 250 bucks, I think the deal is ok. But the bad thing is: The launch of will take a little more time;-) You guessed it, no?
6th august 2007:
stylish Designer T-Shirts
We just finished our first paranoiaparadise t-shirt film production - it was a great weekend with all of you and I guess we all had lots of hard work and as a souvenir a nice sunburn. The film now processes the postproduction and will be published soon - hopefully still in september 2007.

Thanks to the team and all supporters - Jolanda Roskosch, Arkad Mandrisch, Konrad von Wittich, Maarten Hoogenboom, Timon Ruhemann, Léonie Fiorité, Michael Schehl, Michelle Gartner, Bernd Bericht, die Peitsche and Alex
photo we took after the work was done...

12th july 2007:
Sorry sorry sorry - we received quite a few let's say exactly 74 email-complaints asking where tf our announced shop is supposed to be;-) Well we are still producing our new film. It takes much longer than we thought. We don't really want to talk about the subject yet, but it will definately kick your brain. Mhmm I might blog the storyboard in a week or so...
15th april 2007:
Our revolutionary T-Shirts Shop is now in alpha phase. We added some nice features to make your visit a pleasure:
  • Buy a Designer T-Shirt or stylish Tees with 2 clicks on paranoiaparadise
  • Comment and rate our Tshirts
  • Transparent Shipping cost display - see all costs in your basket before your checkout - even if you are not a Member
  • Permanent Shopping Cart for our Members
  • Check all your previous orders / Order history and order status display
  • Addressbook with up to 5 Addresses for our Members - easiest way to change the shipment address for gifts, etc.
  • Tax free shopping for Members from outer EU-regions
  • Secure shopping with ssl-encryption
We are now preparing our stopmotion / t-shirt productions for this summer. The plan is to produce at least 2 tshirt films in June 2007. The Shop will be released mid July. Lots of people ask us, why we take so long and when they can finally see the shop - we are really sorry, but our project is here to entertain people - our goal is not to sell as much t-Shirts as possible - our goal is to deliver the finest quality stop-motion-video art and stlyish tees that we want to wear. And this just takes time...
so long, Jane, Felix, Michelle, Léonie
26th november 2006:
We get lots of Emails asking when we finally start to sell our T-Shirts and what kind of clubwear we will offer. We have designed our own shapes and they will be produced in Turkey in the beginning of 2007. Each garment has been washed to look vintage. These styles will lend themselves well to vintage-effect printing techniques, and each piece will be unique and will have its own character. Well in the moment we also program our shop. This spring we will start to film great stop motion action. We already wrote some storybooks, but we need to build our own some special boxes for ourt tricks. We bought the great Panasonic AG-HVX200.
This camera produces such an amazing quality - we could even show our films in cinemas. We are now programming the shop system. This will probably take until end of january 2007. Huuh you wonder why it takes so long? Well this is an artistic project, meant to make fun. Its developed and made in our spare time... CU, Michelle and Felix
PS: Don't hesitate to contact us - we will answer most of your questions.

Our Vision for Cool Designer T-Shirts / Surfwear

Our goal is to entertain you and to work as hard as possible to produce the finest stopmotion video art and t-shirt designs on the market. This is a self-actualization art project. We are not interested in money. We will use the money from T-Shirt solds to finance our next film art projects that you can watch for free. We believe that you can only be successfull, when you are really into it.

Following are some keywords, that describe what we will offer: Online Shop for Design Shirts, stylish clubwear, tshirts and streetwear. Crazy cool street fashion, some oldschool or retro print tee shirts that we merchandise to wear clothings clubwear freshjive streetwear, skatepark and skateboard clothes. Shirtshop from Berlin, Germany paranoiaparadise T-Shirts & Clothing Company on
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